About us

Interes.Institute stands for Information Technology Research Institute. Interes.Institute was found to create a forum for research, education and innovations in ICT with focus on application of ICT across all areas of human activities. We create an open platform for partnership of experts from academia and companies. In this way we enable our partners to set up research projects with highly innovative potential.

We have long years experience from academia. We have built a network of internationally recognized experts and partners in several areas of ICT. For our partners, we can prepare, manage and personally outsource research projects which will bring real innovations. We can train your professionals in new trends of ICT to fulfil your needs.


Our mission is to increase the number of high quality proffesionals in ICT sector. We want to prepare top professionals, who will brinng innovations to real  life.


– To be a platform for research, education and innovations
– To bring ICT community international quality, to connect research and education with praxis
– To create innovations in each area of human activity by use of ICT
– To find innovative business models for fulfilling this vision by a public-privite partnership

Managing directors

Prof. RNDr. Ľudovít Molnár, DRSc.

Prof. RNDr. Gabriel Juhás, PhD.