PN’18 Programme

Session 1 : Language

  • Frutos Escrig, Koutny, Mikulski – An Efficient Characterization of Petri Net Solvable Binary Words
  • Bertrand, Klaudel, Peschanski, Latapy – Pattern Matching in Link Streams: a Token-based Approach

Session 2:  Petri Nets Synthesis

  • Devillers, Hujsa: Analysis and Synthesis of Weighted Marked Graph Petri Nets
  • Tredup, Rosenke, Wolf: Elementary Net Synthesis remains NP-Complete even for Extremely Simple Inputs
  • Wolf: Petri Net Synthesis with Union/Find

Session 3: Petri Nets Synthesis

  • Devillers, Schlachter: Factorisation of Petri Net Solvable Transition Systems
  • Schlachter, Wimmel: A Geometric Characterisation of Event/State Separation
  • Best, Gribovskaya, Virbitskaite: From Event-Oriented Models to Transition Systems

Session 4: Analysis and Model Checking

  • Bønneland, Dyhr, Jensen, Johannsen, Srba: Simplification of CTL Formulae for Efficient Model Checking of Petri Nets
  • Lefaucheux, Giua, Seatzu: Basis Coverability Graph for Partially Observable Petri Nets with Application to Diagnosability Analysis
  • Jancar, Leroux, Sutre: Co-finiteness and co-emptiness of reachability sets in vector addition systems with states

Session 5: Semantics and Expressiveness

  • Janicki. Modeling: Operational Semantics with Interval Orders Represented by Sequences of Antichains
  • Junges, Katoen, Stoelinga, Volk: One Net Fits All: A unifying semantics of Dynamic Fault Trees using GSPNs

Session 6: Semantics and Expressiveness

  • Valk: On the Structure of Cycloids introduced by Carl Adam Petri
  • van der Aalst: Markings in Perpetual Free-Choice Nets Are Fully Characterized by Their Enabled Transitions

Sessions Tools 1

  • Kindler: ePNK Applications and Annotations: A Simulator for YAWL Nets
  • Wolf: Petri Net Model Checking with LoLA 2
  • Barbot, Bérard, Duplouy, Haddad: Integrating Simulink Models into the Model Checker Cosmos
  • Tax, Sidorova, van der Aalst, Haakma: LocalProcessModelDiscovery: Bringing Petri Nets to the Pattern Mining World

Sessions Tools 2

  • Buchs, Linard, Mencattini, Klikovits, Racordon: A Model Checker Collection for the Model Checking Contest using Docker and Machine Learning
  • Silva, Tavares, Ferreira: Arduino Library Developed for Petri Net Inserted into RFID Database and Variants
  • Brinkrolf, Reipke: OMPetri – A Software Application for Modeling and Simulation using Extended Hybrid Petri nets by Employing OpenModelica
  • Amparore, Donatelli: GreatTeach: a tool  for teaching (stochastic) Petri nets